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CHC D330-Echo Sounder System

CHC D330 single beam echo sounder is a flexible, portable and rugged solution to be customized with any Windows™ XP and NMEA compatible bathymetric survey software.

D330 color touch screen allows easy menu operation and control over the survey project and provides connection to external CHC’s DPGS or RTK GNSS receivers and other 3rd party GPS systems.

D330 is delivered in a portable aluminum case for trouble free transport between surveying sites.


All-in-one echo sounder for hydrographic applications
Embedded Window™ XP computer Multi-purpose 200 kHz transducer
Compatibility with 3rd party Survey software with NMEA inputs and

DGPS receivers
Splash proof colour touch screen and external VGA display connector


Application Range:
Reservoir, rivers, lakes, ocean, lane dredging and water surveying projects.

Standard Configuration
Main Unit, high power probe sensor;
Stain-less probe sensor connector;
Aluminum alloyed Carrier Case;
Mini-keyboard, optical mini-mouse, U-disk;






Transmitting angle
Speed range 1300 – 1700m/s
Measuring Ability   0.3 – 300 m
Accuracy +1 cm + 1% h
Sensor depth   0 – 9.9 m
Resolution 1cm
Transmitting Power  350W
Internal Memory     1 GB

Sensor depth  

0 – 9.9 m






Port Keyboard and Mouse Ports


Printer Port  

2x RS232 Ports


2x USB Ports


1x VGA monitor Port


Main Unit Screen

Touch Screen


Compatible with 3rd party software with Windows™ XP and NMEA 0183 interface




Dimensions 34cm x 30cm x 15cm
Weight 8.5Kg (not include transducer)
Temperature -30 °C − +60°C



Power Supply 9 – 15 VDC /  220 VAC
Power Consumer <25 W