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CHCNAV CTS-112R4 Total Station

CTS-112R4 is a universal, easy to use engineering prism free infrared laser total station with a precision angle of 2 “and a mirror free distance of 400 meters. The optical path is designed by the five coaxial distance measuring optical path. The 150M Hz ultra high range carrier frequency phase method is adopted to achieve higher accuracy and faster speed. Advanced absolute coding and angle measuring technology, high-precision dual axis photoelectric electronic compensation technology guarantee the accuracy of instrument angle measurement. At the same time, a variety of advanced measurement procedures are built to make the field operations more efficient.

CTS-112R4 can be used in surveying and mapping, cadastre and real estate surveying, school, land, water conservancy, transportation and road, electricity, agriculture, forestry measurement, bridge, dam deformation monitoring, geological disaster and so on. Prism free measurement can be used in the places where the prism is not convenient to set up, and the operation efficiency is improved.



Range measure

  • Single prism: 4000m
  • Prism: 400m
  • accuracy
  • Single prism: + (2 + 2 * 10-6. D) mm
  • Free prism: + (3 + 2 * 10-6. D) mm

Measurement time

  • Test 0.3 seconds, track 0.1 seconds


  • Red visible laser
  • EDM type:coaxial
  • Minimum display:0.1mm
  • Meteorological correction
  • Automatic correction of input parameters
  • Atmospheric refraction and earth curvature correction
  • Automatic correction of input parameters
  • Prism constant correction
  • Automatic correction of input parameters

digital display

  • Maximum: 99999999.9999 M
  • Minimum: 0.1 mm

Angle measurement

  • Angle measurement: absolute coding
  • Code disk diameter: 79mm
  • Minimum display readings: 0.1 ‘/ 1’ / 5 ‘/ 10’ optional
  • Detection method
  • Horizontal disc: opposite diameter
  • Vertical disc: opposite diameter


  • Imaging: Erect image
  • Lens tube length: 154mm
  • Effective aperture of objective lens
  • Long distance: 45mm
  • Distance measurement: 50mm
  • Magnification: 30 X
  • Field angle
  • 1 degree 30 ‘
  • Minimum focus distance: 1.4m
  • Resolution: 3 “

Automatic vertical compensator
Biaxial photoelectric electronic compensator
Scope of work: + 3 ‘
Precision: 1 “

Pipe level: 30 “/ 2mm
Circular level: 8 ‘/ 2mm

Optical pair (optional)
erect image
3 x
focusing range
0.5m ~
Field angle
5 degrees
Laser diode
1.5mm (1.5m)

Display part Type
LCD, six lines, graph form
data transmission
RS-232C, Mini-USB, SD
data storage
4MB (about 30000 points)
External storage
Reachable 32G (about 245760000 points)
Airborne battery

Power Supply
Li-On rechargeable
DC 7.4V
Continuous working time
8h, 3100mAh
Use ring mirror
Use of ambient temperature
20 C ~ + 50 centigrade

Waterproof and dustproof

Size and weight
Shape size
160mm x 150mm x 330 mm
Weight: 5.2kg