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DE series Electronic Thedolite

The DE Series model numbers that reflect angle accuracy and have common features. All models have dual displays, and a detachable tribrach. Horizontal and vertical angles can be observed simultaneously on the large LCD displays. Other standard features include a horizontal angle zero set, automatic power off to conserve batteries, and a battery life indicator on the LCD display.

1.Large LCD display. 2.Independent tilt sensor can auto-corrected. 3.International common function modes are adopted to make operation simple and standard. 4.Combined with various models of EDM’s to form total station system. 5.Connected with electronic book makes data to be auto-recorded and auto-processed maps.



Model DE2A/B DE5A/B
Objective lens aperture φ45mm φ45mm
Magnification 30X 30X
Image Erect Erect
Field of view 1°30′ 1°30′
Resolving power 3.3″ 3.3″
Shortest sighting distance 1m 1m
Stadia Proportion constant 100 100
Angle measurement
Minimum reading 1″/5″ 1″/5″ /10″  
Accuracy 2″ 5″  
Display mode display Double sides Double sides  
Illuminiation Provide Provide  
Tilt sencor A Provide / B unprovide A Provide / B unprovide  
Compensating range ±3′ ±3′  
Optical plummet
Magnification 3X 3X  
Field of view  
Focusing range 0.5m~∞ 0.5m~∞  
Level sensitivity
Plate level 30〞/2mm 30〞/2mm  
Circle level 8'/2mm 8'/2mm  
Data output
Output interface 232C 232C  
Power supply      
Battery Type   Rechargeable/4 x AA alkaline batteries  
Rechargeable battery 1800mAh Ni-MH 1800mAh Ni-MH  
Battery working time 10-20h 10-20h  
Waterproof class IP45 IP45  
Tribrachtype Detachable Detachable  
Dimension 150X165X335 150X165X335  
Weight 5kg 5kg  
Working Temperature range -20°C ~ +50°C 50°C