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Reflectorless Total Station

Designed by the newest technology, fast speed to make the measurement more quickly. Safety laser and large LED display, to protect the eyes of the surveyor.Plenty of applied software to achieve kinds of measurement.

1. Laser beam focused in non-prism mode for 300m distance. 2. Strong software to help to achieve the measurment. 3. RS232 or USB ports for option. 4. Good laser to protect the eyes of the surveyor. 5. Large LED display



Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Shortest sighting distance 1.5m
Field of view 1°30′ (26m/1000m)
Distance measurement section In bright light condition
Non-prism Mode 0.3m~300m
Single prism 2500m

Three prism

Accuracy Non-prism Mode: ±(3mm+2ppm*D)
  Prism mode:
Angle measurement section  
Method Absolute Reading
Accuracy 2″, 5″
Minimum reading 1″, 5″
Measuring time
Accuracy measurement mode 2 seconds
Track mode 0.8seconds
Type Single/Dual axis liquid tilt sensor
Range ±3′
Accuracy ±1″
Plummet Optical/Laser
Data output RS-232/USB
Power supply Rechargeable:DC 7.6v (Li- Battery/), DC7.2V(Ni-MH Battery)
Battery working time 8hours (Distance Measurement), 20hours (Angle Measurement)
Working temperature -20°C ~ +45°C