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Solar Water Heater

  1. The material of inner tank is SUS304 2B (food grade) with 1.2mm thickness. All machine welding.
  2. The material of outer tank is SUS304 2B with 0.4mm thickness.
  3. The material of stand frame is stainless steel with 1.2mm thickness or Aluminum alloy with 2.0 thickness.
  4. The thickness of polyurethane foam is 55-60mm.
  5.  It uses heat pipe to transfer heat energy, there is no water in the vacuum tubes, and it can be used in all climates.
  6. Automatic water supply, could supply water self-acting without any other installation and could able to be pressured




Material of inner tank: SUS 304 2B(food grade)
with 0.4mm thickness
Material of outer tank: galvanized steel with 0.4mm thickness
Material of Stand part: galvanized steel with 1.5mm thickness
Insolation: polyurethane foam thickness:55-60mm.
Rubber seals and rubber ring material:

Silicone Rubber Vacuum tube ¢47/1500, ¢58/1800

Heat Preservation ability: 72Hours
Hailstone resistance: Dia≦25mm
Optional installation angle 45C


MODEL Absorb area(m2)
Vacuum tube
Cubage(L) Qty.per20’/40′ Container
    Diameter Length No.    
WF-FS-420-47/1500-A18 0.9 φ47mm 1500mm 18 100 56/115
WF-FS-420- 1.0 1500mm A20φ47mm 20 111 47/1500- 50/105
WF-FS-420-47/1500-A24 1.2 φ47mm 1500mm 24 135 44/92
WF-FS-420-47/1500-A30 1.5 φ47mm 1500mm 30 166 36/75
WF-FS-470-58/1800-A18 1.44 φ58mm 1800mm 18 150 39/81
WF-FS-470-58/1800-A20 1.6 φ58mm 1800mm 20 165 35/73
WF-FS-470-58/1800-A24 1.92 φ58mm 1800mm 24 200 30/62
WF-FS-470-58/1800-A30 2.4 φ58mm 1800mm 30 250 24/50
WF-FS-470-58/1800-A36 2.88 φ58mm 1800mm 36 300 20/40